Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning your tile floors by hand is no fun! It’s messy, back-breaking work. Not to mention it’s impossible to get the deep-down clean results you want for your tile and grout. Grout is porous which means it can collect dirt and germs. Regular spot cleanings and mopping doesn’t reach the hidden food partials or grime in the grout’s pores. In fact, mopping can actually leave your grout dirtier than when you started.

At Sunshine Cleaners & Restoration our state-of-the-art steam cleaning system produces a high-pressure water and vacuum combination that removes the dirt and grime from deep within your grout. This process is safe and gentle for your floors and the unique tile and grout cleaning wand is highly effective.

Commercial Tile Stripping, Cleaning & Waxing

Sunshine Cleaners & Restoration offers full stripping and waxing service for Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) floors.

Using state-of-the-art equipment we aggressively power through dull, scratched and yellowed build up, which removes the old layers down to the original surface of the tile. This, combined with a carefully applied application of polymer wax, will restore the luster of your VCT floor, making it more durable and beautiful.

Your flooring is a major investment meant to last for many years. The condition of your floors is a direct reflection of you and your home or business, so it is important to make sure that you take good care of them with regular professional cleaning treatments. Let Sunshine Cleaners bring your VC tile floors back to their original appearance.



Worried about the spots and odors in your furniture? If you have kids, pets, or entertain often, your furniture may show it. Food, dirt, pet dander or hair, and anything that comes in contact with your furniture can leave your upholstery looking worn out and dirty. Trying to get rid of the spots from your upholstery can be tiring and may permanently damage your furniture, as many fabrics require unique care while cleaning. Small crevices in the cushions of your chairs or couches can be hard to reach and require specialty tools you don’t have access to. Keeping your home looking its best isn’t always easy, but with the help of a professional, you can have furniture that looks fantastic.

Think back to when you first bought your furniture and how wonderful the upholstery looked. Stubborn spots and odors in your upholstery don’t need to ruin the atmosphere in your home or the appearance of your furniture. It’s easy to get back the immaculate furniture you once loved with the help of Sunshine Cleaners professional upholstery cleaning services. You can trust your upholstery to the skilled technicians at Sunshine Cleaners, a company that has be servicing the Haywood, Jackson, Macon, and Swain County residents for over 30 years. Using a carefully developed step-by-step process and proven cleaning techniques, the professionals at Sunshine Cleaners can give your upholstery a deep clean while giving each piece of furniture the unique and specialized care it deserves.

Please note that due to the un-safe chemicals associated with dry cleaning , Sunshine Cleaners does not offer this service.



Dust is the main component of the material that builds up in your air ducts. If you think about all the dust you wipe off the surfaces in your home in a year, you can imagine how much can accumulate in your air ducts in that time. The trouble is that you can’t dust inside your air ducts, so it just keeps accumulating over time.

What makes up the dust in your home and in your air ducts is pretty amazing. Most homeowners are surprised and alarmed when they discover the components and potentially harmful substances that are part of dust:

  • Plain Old Dirt: Microscopic particles of dirt and minerals, along other materials tracked or blown into your home is a large component of dust.
  • Skin Particles: Tiny flakes of skin are constantly being shed by humans and pets in your home. You don’t see them, but there are millions of these particles in dust. When they come from pets, they’re called pet dander, and many people are allergic to this material.
  • Droppings from Dust Mites: Every home has dust mites, living in all the fabrics and crevices in the home. They’re microscopic in size. They feed on the skin flakes mentioned above, then excrete tiny fecal pellets. Millions of these, which are potential allergens, are in your house dust.
  • Fibers: Everything made of cloth or paper sheds tiny fibers, some large enough to see in bright sunlight. They make up much of those “dust bunnies” you find under furniture. These fibers also accumulate in your air ducts.
  • Molds and Fungi: These primitive plants reproduce through airborne spores. The spores that accumulate in air duct dust are constantly re-circulated in your home, and are a major source of allergies.
  • Microscopic Bacteria: There are millions of bacteria in every home, and even on our skins. It doesn’t matter how well we clean; they’re still there. Most are harmless or beneficial, but some cause diseases.
  • Oily Smoke Residues: Smelly oils and microscopic particles in smoke also accumulate in your home and air ducts. The oily residues from smoking, cooking, and fireplaces make up part of the sticky film in your air ducts that traps dust.

Since all the air in your home circulates through your air ducts, anytime you use your furnace or central air conditioning, the dust circulates too. Although the filter in your furnace helps trap some of this dust, much still settles on the inside of your air ducts. Over time, it can build up into a thick layer.

Even though dust settles, it doesn’t stop circulating in your home. Some of it is picked up by the air flowing through your ductwork and re-enters the air in your rooms. If you look closely at the heat register in a room you don’t use often, you can see the dust on the openings. That’s just a tiny fraction of what lies behind the register and lines every square inch of your ductwork.

That accumulation continues to re-circulate and causes turbulence in your ducts, reducing your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. The dust re-circulating in your home settles on surfaces and can even trigger allergies and asthma.

Our Rotary Brush cleaning system uses a rotating brush, powered by compressed air to brush and vacuum the entire interior of your air ducts. The Rotary Brush loosens all residues better than air or hand methods can do. A strong vacuum nozzle sucks up the loosened debris. Snaking throughout your air ducts, it is safe for all air duct shapes and types. It’s a thorough and complete cleaning, especially suited for moderate to heavy accumulations.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why clean your dryer duct? Every time you run your dryer you produce lint. Most of the lint is captured by your dryer’s line screen. While the lint screen can be cleaned after each cycle, your dryer’s lint screen does not capture all the lint. What the screen doesn’t catch travels through your dryer duct and that’s where the problem lies. Dryer ducts often have one or more 90-degree turns which form a natural collection place for lint to build up. Add to that the sheer length of many dryer ducts which are commonly now 20-25 feet in length – the longer the duct, the harder it is for your dryer to push all that lint out. Finally, all too often homes are vented with a flexible duct. The “ribs” on a flexible duct impede airflow and over time make lint build-up in your dryer duct guaranteed. The solution is to have the line removed regularly. While most systems will only need to be cleaned every 2 – 3 years, even yearly cleaning is likely to pay for itself in energy savings.

Lint buildup in you dryer can add $18 – $24 per month to your energy bill. And that’s not all, lint buildup in your dryer duct is a fire hazard too. According to the U.S. Fire Administration each year clothes dryer fires account for 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths and 400 injuries. The #1 reason for dryer fires is “Failure to Clean”. For this reason clothes dryers should be inspected every 2 -3 years and cleaned of any lint buildup.