About Us

We Like Home Cleaning, And We Are Good At It

For most people, domestic cleaning is a burdensome duty they try to avoid at all costs. We get it – there are a hundred more pleasant and exciting things you can do with your free time than sweeping, dusting, and polishing. So why don’t you delegate the housekeeping chores to a team of reliable maids who will be much more efficient at it?

Whenever we have a job interview with new maids, we ask them the same thing: “Why have you chosen to be a professional domestic cleaner?” While there is no correct answer, we want to cooperate with driven and self-motivated people who like their job and do not consider it a drag. Home cleaning requires attention to detail and efficiency that you cannot achieve if you mechanically go through the motions just to pick up your check at the end of the month.

We are not here to claim that house cleaning is as important as doing medical research to cure cancer or looking for eco-friendly and sustainable energy sources. But it is OUR job, and we try to do it as well as we can every single day!

The Three Most Important Advantages Of Booking A Professional House Cleaner

Number one: Free time

If you include chores like doing the dishes, laundry, and ironing, you probably spend at least ten hours of housekeeping per week. Imagine if you could cut this in half, or even two thirds – that would be five hours per week, or 260 in a year. Two hundred sixty hours to do whatever you want – it is a deal I would seriously consider if I were you!

Number two: Quality

How hard can dusting the shelves be? Not that hard, admittedly. Some domestic cleaning tasks, however, are a bit more tricky – for example, window cleaning and glass polishing or picking up the best detergents for the toilet. If you are not investing any effort in the job, you cannot expect great results. Our cleaners, on the other hand, bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the table, not to mention the company’s detailed Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

Number Three: A reasonable investment

Many people have the wrong impression that domestic cleaning is terribly pricey and they cannot afford it. When they receive a free quote and check the monthly expense for a regular package, they are astonished at the subtotal, which rarely exceeds the cost of a weekly bill to the grocery store.